Soccer AM's Tubes and 'King Kev' in the Photolink Studios - Seventy7
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If you tuned into Sky Sports’ Soccer AM this Saturday, you would have seen the show’s roving reporter Tubes interviewing Kevin Keegan in the Photolink Studios. Studio 3 to be precise.

This February marks the anniversary of Keegan’s return to Newcastle – a club he had played for in the early ’80s and coached in the early ’90s, and where he was dubbed ‘King Kev’ – so the interview (filmed on Friday) covered his playing heyday, favourite players and the likelihood of him returning to management.

There was also a bit of water spraying and the sensational revelation that he’s not actually called Kevin, which added a touch of the surreal to the characteristically quirky Q&A.

You can see the full Soccer AM interview and Studio 3 in all its glory here