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Smart Creativity
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We use smart creativity

HT&E , our seventy7 branding and strategy division, use smart creativity and market intelligence to deliver you a successful business. A business that works smarter, that always reaches the right audience and that stands out in its commercial field.

We have a proven track record of commercial relationships with brands, businesses and consumers. From high end sports, through beauty retail, luxury travel, up-and-coming startups to forward-thinking charities, we can turn focused expertise to any sector or niche. Some of the leading brands we’ve worked with include Ellesse, Forever Manchester, Partylite, New Balance and more.

Our diverse team of thinkers use smart creativity and have a unique approach to every problem. We couple this with our varied and wide-reaching experience to give each client a bespoke package from research to conception and execution. With offices based in Manchester, London and Mumbai, we can provide our expertise and market intelligence to clients across the globe.

We use our backgrounds in branding, strategy, design, marketing and ecommerce to consider every angle of your business.

We solve problems

Creativity always becomes smarter when it’s inspired by insight, driven by strategy and influenced by human behaviour.

Generated from our strong foundations in brand strategies, business communication and ecommerce, we solve your problems with our smart creative outlook.

We don’t fall for the usual clichés or “think outside the box”. We look at the facts and build a specialised strategy and brand for you. We create brand experiences and business communications that break new ground and prepare you for growth.