Branding and Strategy - Seventy7
Branding and Strategy

We inform. We brand. We present

We build powerful, emotional and commercial relationships between brands, business, sport and consumers.

Launched in 2014 as the branding and strategy division of Seventy7, HT&E provide the valuable insight and smart creativity that make a real and meaningful difference to brand engagement, consumer experience, and business to business presentation.

We build new brands, we revitalise existing brands and we prepare ambitious brands for growth.

We deliver brand communication and present business information.

We are research, insight, strategy, branding and design.

We are graphic, digital, video, communication and presentation.

HT&E outputs include digital, video, social, design, research, insight, strategy and presentation. HT&E is the branding division of the seventy7.

“The team at HT&E has consistently shown that they know how to reach an audience with powerful branding and communication.”

Ray Evans, Strategic Adviser and e.Commerce Specialist

we inform

We tell you all you need to know to connect with your audience, grow your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

We do the all-important groundwork

we brand

We build you a brand that tells your unique story, engages a wider audience and helps your business flourish and grow.

We design your total brand experience

we present

We present your concept, your proposition and your strategy, to businesses, partners, investors and consumers.

We make sure they get your message.