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Setting up and furnishing a home is a tricky business. Tastes clash and partnerships are tested. Finding an harmonious solution to choosing the right colour scheme or the perfect accessories is not simple.

Home Furnishing retailers have a similar problem. They have a clear brand vision and they need to find a partner capable of producing beautiful, engaging images that not only sell the product but which support and strengthen their unique brand position.

At Seventy7 we are proud to be partners with some of the biggest and best names in Home Furnishing. We are always honest with them and they trust us to deliver images that support their brands creative and commercial objectives at every level.

A home to call your own

Every Home Furnishings brand wants a clear identity, the colour schemes, the lighting, the propping all adding up to create a particular mood and brand image.

The Seventy7 creative team work closely with clients to build up a picture of the brand position and their customers expectations at the start of every project to make sure the final image not only looks beautiful but that it fits the brands visual identity.

We promise never to deliver when you’re out

From receiving the samples to delivering the finished images, every step in our process is planned, monitored and accountable.

Our friendly and helpful account handlers will keep you up to date at all times and when we give you a delivery date, we’ll stick to it.

We just want you to feel at home
We love our job, and we want everyone we work with to feel the same way.

We won’t hide things from you or try to blind you with science, we’ll just work with you to discover and deliver the best possible solution.

It’s a philosophy that has worked for clients like M&S, John Lewis, Soho House, The White Company and House of Fraser.