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Years of experience providing clients with everything they need to produce the perfect shoot should have prepared us for the unexpected, but the 10.30pm phone call changing the shoot call time from 11am to 6am still set the pulse racing.

The whole crew had to be alerted, equipment delivered at the crack of dawn and two London assistants travelling to Manchester that morning replaced at very short notice.

Did we do it? Of course we did

6am sharp Kevin arrives, the shoot goes ahead, the client is happy and we catch up on our sleep!

“You pulled the shoot out of the bag for us at such late notice!
I’m sure we will be back very soon.”

Nike Marketing Team
Solving problems is just one of the reasons to choose Seventy7 studio hire

The moment you enter any of our beautiful studio spaces you
will experience our unrivalled ability to make shoots run smoothly.

Whether that is sourcing props and equipment, giving you something delightful to eat, supplying your celebrities with everything they need or just making your day very special.