Thwaites. A Proud Tradition Brought Right up to Date - Seventy7
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Over two centuries have passed since Daniel Thwaites started his first brewery in the Lake District.

Although Thwaites remain steadfastly faithful to Daniels principles the company now has over 1,300 staff in six 4-star hotels, eight coaching inns, the brewery and head office. Keeping all those people connected and simplifying the sharing of information had become a priority.

Thwaites asked Seventy7 to create an internal communications tool capable of centralising all document storage, improving staff collaboration and providing a platform for the business to communicate with employees.

Simple, secure, searchable and social.

Our solution had to be accessible via any online method including PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone. It also required a secure login with username/password for individuals, and had to be searchable allowing people to find what they are looking for in a logical way.

Above all it had to have a simple to use content management system that encouraged Thwaites employees to adopt the new system.

One source that connects every part of the business

We wanted every employee to feel connected to the business and created a clean, simple but dynamic interface that allows them to discover the latest company news, get discounts and benefits and even conduct their business using key information, such as policies, forms and announcements, all from one source.

Creating a social life for the workplace

The Thwaites Hub is fully integrated into the latest intranet software, Facebook at Work which allows group discussion, a personalised news feed, and even voice and video calling, allowing employees to work together and get more done.

“Thwaites provided a great opportunity for the digital team at Seventy 7 to research and implement the very latest solutions for internal business communication”

Paul Casey, Digital Strategist. Seventy7