6-a-side showdown for Children in Need

When the annual fancy dress theme for Children in Need was announced earlier this week, twelve of Photolink’s manliest men quietly screamed inside. Caught between a sartorial rock (a Tart) and a hard and holy place (a Vicar), panic started to set in.

With dreams of crafting a pair of Wolverine claws or a Batman mask out of foam and sticky back tape in the Photolink SprayMount Room™ cruelly dashed, they hatched a cunning plan: a charity football match.

Consumed with the brilliance of their little swerve, however, they failed to follow the PG rated behaviour normally ascribed to Children in Need charity drives and began taking wild bets. So at this point we’d like to apologise to the BBC on behalf of the lads for any offence caused.

Aaaanyway, once the first goal scored, winning team, man o’ t’match, last man to arrive and Pichichi were chosen by the Photolink faithful for a small donation, the atmosphere began to build in earnest and the hallowed turf of the Ardwick Powerleague beckoned.

Ref’d by group creative director John Whalley and head of social Rebecca Rae, the game kicked off at a frenetic pace until the sedentary creative lifestyle of the majority of players began to kick back. In fairness though, the raggletaggle bunch of players from across creative, communications, logistics and photographic teams gave a pretty good account of themselves with some cracking goals (think Ibrahimovic but all under head height) and hearty defending (think Terry but less of a… cruciate concern)

After photographic digital assistant Sam Ingle had scalped three players to claim first scorer in the first 30 seconds it was anybody’s game in a blaze of retribution and recompense, the sublime and the ridiculous. All in all, a fine effort for a great cause.

What we do know for fact is that the Vicars narrowly lost to the Tarts by 14 goals to 15, and what we don’t know (until this afternoon’s prize giving) is who will walk away with Pichichi and Man of the Match awards. Ooooh, exciting! Well, at least for the 14 people present. Watch this space for an update…

Imogen Gee

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