Good For Nothing at Photolink

We recently welcomed to Photolink a social enterprise and a local charity, Mon Ami and the George House Trust respectively, as part of the Good For Nothing movement.

But what is Good For Nothing, we hear you ask?

‘Good for Nothing is a community of thinkers, do-ers, makers and tinkerers applying their skills and energy to accelerate the work of cause-led innovators and change makers; it’s about diverse groups of people collaborating together, working in new, faster, fun and better ways by supporting ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century society might look like.’

The three values espoused by Good For Nothing are ‘Doing, not talking’, ‘Collaborate and experiment’ and ‘Support the true innovators’.

Well that sounds right up Photolink’s street!

Our forward-thinking duo Rebecca Rae and Rachel Bolton worked tirelessly to organise the day, collect the briefs from both Mon Ami and the George House Trust and round up 30 enthusiastic Photolinkers and Hungry Tigers to work on and present back to them a creative solution to their problems.

“I had a really great day and feel that I’ve learned so much about how to do things like this in the future,” said Susie from the George House Trust. “I’m really looking forward to receiving the images, social media statements, etc. from you guys and hopefully it will help us to sell more of our lovely calendars and get our website looking ace.”

Carla from Mon Ami said, “What an AMAZING day. The group accomplished what the brief had intended and much more. I can’t thank everyone enough for what was achieved that afternoon in helping the company start out on the right footing!”

The exercise not only provided Mon Ami and the George House Trust with an innovative group of people to solve their brief, but also provided Photolink ourselves with an opportunity to get our creative juices flowing on two very exciting projects. We had people from all specialities of the business working together to achieve a positive outcome in a very short space of time. Usual office hierarchy was suspended and people were advised to ‘self organise’.

So thank you Susie and Carla, we learnt a lot about ourselves and loved working on solving some of your problems.

Why not gather some friends and head over to Photolink on Saturday 30th November to “do some good” as we have another one coming up? More details on this Good For Nothing event here.

Imogen Gee

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