Design inspiration from the University of Salford

Photolink’s Creative Director John Whalley was recently invited to join a panel of industry experts at a debate held by third-year students from the University of Salford. The graduating students from BA Design Futures and BA Design Management for the Creative Industries courses had organised the event at Dukes92 as part of their final year project to help them gain valuable industry insights before they hit the job market in June. The project also involved the creation of a website and blog (, an iPhone app and a broadsheet newspaper to show off their creative versatility to potential clients and employers.

Called I25UE, the newspaper has been supported by creative businesses from the Manchester area and contains a page by each of the 24 students on the courses as well as words of inspiration from seasoned creatives including John. Around 5,000 copies have already been distributed around the North-West. The idea behind the paper and the subsequent iPhone app was to create something that would both hone the students’ creative instincts to design-related problems and demonstrate their ability to communicate creative ideas effectively in the real world.

Take a look at a brief video of the debate here and keep an eye out for the paper and the soon to be graduates around town. We think they’re all brilliant.

Imogen Gee

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