Magento 2.0 in Review

Today is a big day in the world of ecommerce: Magento have released the latest version of their ecommerce software, Magento 2.0. Our very own Magento-certified developer Dave has tried it out, and here he shares with us his thoughts.

“This is a completely new, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up version of Magento’s industry leading software, and it’s something I’ve been waiting for with excitement. Magento have worked hard on redeveloping their existing platform to assist with issues such as performance, scalability and user experience; as well as implementing many industry best practices.

“The first thing I noticed when loading up the software, is how much faster it is to install and set up on a new server. The new layout of the admin area is also a refreshing change from the old version; with user experience and usability the clear, key focus. It almost has a more WordPress look and feel, with the layout of the icons and panels; as opposed to the old version’s mega menus.

“The front end of the site is considerably faster due to the new code updates. In fact, research has found that overall, sites are 25% faster on Magento 2.0 for general browsing, and 52% faster when adding products to the cart, than compared to with Magento 1.

“The product pages now have native support for product video features, which bring in improved conversion rates (it’s been found people react more positively to products that feature videos – particularly in the fashion and lifestyle sectors). Additionally, the inclusion of Google Rich Snippets as standard will also help to increase conversion rates, as extra information is passed through to the search engines for product ratings/reviews, prices, images etc.

“The new checkout has been greatly simplified too – the old six-step checkout has made way for a streamlined two-step process, with inline validation and labels speeding along the user journey, which should decrease the dropout rate at the checkout.

Dave’s verdict:

“Whilst it’s very early days for the new platform, Magento 2.0 has the ability to be a complete game changer and improve upon an already widely used platform. There is a real attention to user experience – both for the end user and the client – as well as improvements under the hood for performance of the sites and scalability on larger enterprise projects.

However, it’s probably worth holding off switching over to Magento 2.0 just yet, in case any potential bugs are found that need to be fixed. Nevertheless, it’s definitely something to keep in mind and implement over the next few months”.

This video gives a great overview of the improved user experience with Magento 2.0.

Imogen Gee

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