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We sat down with Senior Shoot Producer, Ro Parsons, to discuss the finer details of a career in production. Here’s what she had to say.

“The three things you need to work in production? Be patient, adaptable and most importantly, be a quick thinker!

“Good producers are basically problem solvers. You have to be ready with a plan A, B, C and D.”

Ro joined Seventy7 from retail giant, Next, in 2016. Armed with fresh ideas, new thinking and a whole heap of Leicester charm, it’s Ro’s experience in-house that’s helped her forge such strong relationships with her own clients now she’s working on the other side of the coin.

“I love getting a new client brief,” Ro exclaimed as our chat got underway, “that’s when the production office really comes alive. It’s at this point where your multi-tasking skills are really put to the test as you start to pull together options.

“Often they’re quite tight turnaround times so having a strong list of contacts and relationships with agencies you trust is essential. It’s not something you get overnight, I’ve built mine over years in the industry through trial and error as well as networking in the right places.”

There’s no denying Ro’s passion for her role, it’s no surprise considering it takes her around the UK on a monthly basis in some equally glam and grunge locations.

“When I’m on location, I always arrive at least 15 minutes early. This is my window to discover what’s gone wrong, what’s missing and how much I’ve got to sort before the talent and crew arrive.

“There’s always a story. You can be as prepared as you like but something will always crop up and that’s where being a good producer really matters, because time is precious on shoots. You’ve got a limited window to get the right images and video for your client before everyone has to get on with something else. This is where being flexible and a quick thinker comes into play!”

The more Ro describes what a typical day is like in production (if that’s even possible), it’s easy to see why she chose this as her career path.

“I like making people happy and I like helping people, that’s why I’m a producer. OK so it’s not nursing and it’s not brain surgery, but I’m still helping people and making their day that little bit nicer and easier. That’s what drives me and that’s why I enjoy what I do so much.”

Before I let Ro get on with her busy day, I asked her what advice she’d give to a budding producer or someone new to the job. Without hesitation and sporting a huge smile, she reeled off her top 7:

Ro’s top 7 tips:

  1. Always have a marker pen (sharpie), phone charger and sellotape handy
  2. Be nice and keep smiling
  3. Hone your negotiation skills, this is your biggest asset
  4. Never book a location blind or on photos alone, make sure you have at least one real life visit
  5. You can never have too many seats!
  6. Stock up on water and snacks
  7. Good wifi gets you bonus points

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