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It’s a huge welcome back to ‘Bitesize’ where each month we focus on a member of the Photolink team and hear about one of their remarkable stories away from work.

This month it’s singer/songwriter Anastasia Tyrer-Haffenden who’s recently released her first single.

Anastasia Tyrer: “I work as a stylist but I’ve actually been writing songs since I was at school and after that I decided to go to music college.

I have been surrounded by music all my life and I remember fondly playing the piano and singing at my grandparents whilst growing up.

For the new single I worked with a producer I met about a year ago who used to be in a band called Delphic.

We went into the studio together and I started singing as he played the chords. I think I penned the lyrics and melody more or less there and then in one studio sitting.

The inspiration behind ‘Breathe’ comes from numerous personal thoughts. This particular song is about something you know that isn’t good for you but it enables you to breathe. I guess a little like an addiction.

The plan now is to get as much of my music out and about as often as possible. I hope everyone likes it”

You can listen to Anastasia’s new single ‘Breathe’ here

Imogen Gee

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