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Each month we hand the content keys over to a member(s) of our team and let them tell us one of their remarkable stories away from Photolink.

This month we hear from Head of Photography Paul Fawley about his son Tiger, and Samples Manager Mark Aldred about his daughter Amber. Both have recently qualified for the World Martial Arts Championships.

Over to you chaps…

Paul: “Tiger and Amber are members of the Bushido club in Stockport.

Tiger started Taekwondo when he was eight and has developed ever since.

He’s challenged himself in different disciplines along the way and has two black belts, one in Olympic Taekwondo and another in Freestyle Karate.

Hopefully, and if he remains dedicated, he’ll add black belts in Jiu-jitsu and Shotokan to his list in the coming years.

Kata is what he decided to compete in though and this focuses on detailed choreographed movements.

The basic goal of Kata is to preserve and transmit proven techniques and to practice self-defence.

Earlier this month we were completely blown away when Tiger became English Korean Kata Champion in the under 18’s group which means he’s qualified for the European Championships this summer and the World Championships in Portugal in October.

For Tiger (who’s only 13) it’s a real sense of achievement and Priestnall school must get a mention because they’ve included him on their ‘able and talented’ programme which offers him support away from home and his training facility.”

Mark: “Amber’s journey is slightly different. She’s been interested in martial arts for just over five years but only started Freestyle Weapons a few months ago.

She’s taken to nun chucks like a duck to water and is committed to training as often as she can even if this means doing her own sessions at the local park when she isn’t at the Bushido club.

She finished third at the recent national event and because she is new (and still learning) she goes into the european and world tournaments with absolutely no expectations (other than the pressure she puts herself under).

Our advice is simple really; keep doing your best and we’ll see where it takes you.

One noticeable area of development has been her growth as a person which is just as pleasing to see as her success during competition.”

We’ll let you know how both get on later in the year. Good luck!



Imogen Gee

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