Photolink brings AKOA to life…

Trutex, Britain’s favourite schoolwear supplier, recently tasked Photolink Creative Group with creating a brand identity for its new school sportswear clothing range, AKOA.

Led by Stephanie Marks, a senior creative here at Photolink, a visual identity was devised that placed an emphasis on the team-spirit and competitive attitude that the AKOA brand embodies.

We then developed a full suite of creative collateral for the new brand including the very first AKOA logo, all product photography and key branding elements. A supporting sixteen-page brochure was also designed, with all copy produced in-house by Photolink’s copywriting team.

Photolink captured a collection of AKOA products for use in the brochure and on the AKOA website during a two-day photo shoot on location at The Oval Sports Centre on the Wirral, with leading photographer Darren Taylor and art director Billy Henshaw.

Imogen Gee

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