Photolink India Says It With Silk

Working with a brand with a strong, trusted image and great ideas is always exciting, so our Photolink India team simply couldn’t wait to work alongside Cadbury on their recent #sayitwithsilk online campaign.

Creating unique and captivating online content requires something different – fresh and engaging ideas brought together by a highly talented visual and video team. Based around the concept of First Loves, the sweet and stylish campaign called for some stand-out Valentine’s Day messages that set the brand apart.

Of course, the Photolink India team came up with the goods and then some. Producing visuals that appeal to young and old, the campaign satisfies the sweet tooth without any worn out gimmicks. Living up to the well loved brand identity of a favourite like Cadbury is no mean feat, but the team truly achieved a blend of new ideas and classic brand message in these charming reels.

You can watch the two videos produced for Cadbury’s by our Mumbai team below or you can see them on the Cadbury YouTube page here and here.

Photolink India operates a fluid creative catalogue design and artwork production service for our clients. The team are also based in a fully-networked photographic studio which gives them the ability shoot fashion and still life on site and makes them the perfect ally to all operations here in Manchester. Take a look at the Photolink India site here.

Imogen Gee

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