Photolink Interview – Zoey Stirrett

Zoey is a professional freelance makeup artist who works throughout the UK. Here she reflects on her career and talks about some of the tricks many makeup artists use today.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

I’ve been a makeup artist for about five years now. After a long career working in fashion I decided to follow my dream. I trained at the Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy and this provided me with a fantastic foundation to build my career on.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I gain inspiration from various places. It could be through music, fashion, theatre or something as obvious as red carpet events. My work often takes me to London so it’s good to see what is popular fashion wise there and what could potentially emerge in the coming weeks and months.

What do you love most about makeup?

Makeup is so powerful! It can change the way a woman feels. Also, I love that it can transform a face, enhance someone’s natural beauty and make a person feel more confident.

How would you describe your signature look? 

I like skin to look healthy, glowing and radiant. With this in mind I guess my signature look is the natural one.

Beauty starts with healthy looking skin so it’s important to eat healthy and look after yourself. Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water and support this by using the right moisturizer and foundation so that you get great looking skin.

What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

There are two that spring to mind. Firstly, the wrong base foundation and colour match often causes problems. Foundation should look like a natural second skin and not a mask.

Secondly, don’t wear too much makeup! Less is more, especially when it comes to mature skin.

What products should all women carry with them?

Right, where do I start? Time for a quick list I think:

1. A great moisturizer.

2. A foundation that matches your skin tone.

3. Concealer – to hide any redness or pimples and brighten up the under eye area.

4. Eyebrow pencil to define those all important brows.

5. Kohl eyeliner to smudge and accentuate your eyes.

6. An eyelash curler, essential before applying mascara.

7. A mascara that works for you and isn’t clumpy.

8. Lip liner, ideally the same shade as your natural lip colour.

9. A strong nude lipstick or pop of colour for that on trend statement lip.

10. A bronzer and highlighter to provide your skin with that beautiful and radiant glow.

Why do you think so many high profile clients decide to return to Photolink?

It’s really welcoming and friendly and it feels like one huge happy family. Photolink are experts at taking the headache away from the client and delivering creative and unique ideas.


Imogen Gee

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