To the Friends, Colleagues and Clients of seventy7,

While we all started 2020 with an ambitious vision for ourselves and our industry, understandably things have rapidly changed in the past few months. For seventy7, it’s been an important time to reflect and adapt to an uncertain time that will have lasting impact. 

In this moment, we’re more appreciative than ever of the community around us. A community that’s bursting with creative spirit and remarkable skill. We know that while the landscape of retail and business in the UK is set to go through uncertain times, this spirit and skill will be paramount in creating silver linings from these clouds.

As an independent company, it’s always imperative for us to balance the needs of our staff, clients and our business together. Our commitment to providing exciting, innovative content remains a constant, while we are taking measures to ensure stability for everyone. We have taken steps to ensure that our business and those of our clients can navigate new obstacles on sure footing, making foundations for the future. While we have all been dealt an extraordinary hand, this is a time when we can reflect on what changes can be made in the positive, and what old habits we wish to leave behind.

With that in mind we want to take a moment to thank those who are supporting the creative community and ask you to reach out and reconnect with your peers – agencies, clients, freelancers and beyond. Through collaboration and engagement, we hope that we will all be able to emerge from these times strengthened and invigorated. To grow and continue with kindness, positivity and thriving creativity.

With kindness,
The Team at seventy7


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