Top Tips for Product Photography

Are you looking to take those perfect pictures of your products? Shooting high quality product photography takes time and experience. Our expert, in-house photographers and stylists know exactly how to get those perfect images. They’ve styled and shot product photography for many of the UK’s leading brands, and can help you too. Check out their top tips here:

  • The first step is to always make sure the product looks the best it possibly can. Does it need to be cleaned, polished or pressed? You may feel like you’re spending a lot of time on this part, but it’s always time well spent at the start of any shoot.
  • Choosing a complementary background is very important. The product needs to stand out. This is why a plain colour or white background is usually the best option, as patterns and texture will distract from the product. That being said, there will be some occasions when a room set or location will put the product into context, showing it in use.
  • Using a simple prop or a model can really help to give the product scale, as well as highlighting a specific function. The prop could be another product, which may help to convey a look or feel, and may even upsell other products.
  • Picking an angle that suits the product is paramount. You want to showcase it in the best possible way, and it’s extremely important to show off its many features.
  • Remember that an extra shot from another angle, or even a close up, may be necessary in order to show any hidden features from the previous shots.
  • Some product photography may require help from other team members. Stylists might have to style the products to highlight specific details such as straps, pockets or linings. Plus, retouchers can assist in making the product look clean-cut.
  • The light must be considered and cater to each different product. Different textures, reflective surfaces, fabrics and finishes all require different lighting to show them at their best, and ensure all details are visible.
  • Using the best camera equipment available to you, and filling the frame ensures the highest possible resolution, and it also shows your product in the greatest amount of detail.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly: don’t rush. High quality product photography takes time.

There are lots of things to consider when taking product photography images. If you’d like help with getting the perfect shot, then simply drop us an email at Our expert photographers have tons of experience working with many top brands, and they’d love to work with you too.

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