lighting up the brief

With over 100 years behind them in candle making, PartyLite are an established company with a dedicated customer base. They are experts in fragrance, and we’ve been with them on their journey for the past four years. Working with them on a multi-channel campaign from inception, we established a long-running strategy for the way they could advertise to a loyal and dedicated audience.

the challenge

PartyLite wanted to switch up the appeal of their products to their existing customers from offer driven purchases to a product value driven purchase. They wanted to do this using a new collection of luxury fragrances with exclusive jar designs, positioned around being a more sensual fragrance collection. The key task from seventy7’s perspective was to create a buzz within their audience by using teaseable, sharable content across their established and popular social channels.

the results

To meet targets, we created core pieces of content, containing campaign consistency in look & feel and wording, that could fulfil the client requirement of sharing the product offer across all its active channels. We wanted to add perceived value and maximise customer engagement to the product offering, so the decision was made that the majority of the budget would be invested into video. This enabled us to obtain maximum reach and engagement levels, although all image requirements would need to elevate the perceived value. Therefore, the creative campaign needed to have multi-channel execution, with primary focus on video channels.

Focus was given to social channels in order to engage with the existing customer base who were active across these channels. A full rollout plan was created to ensure that all content was released consistently. Less focus was given on traditional mediums; however, this did not mean that the creative execution had less impact in these channels.

The value of the audience-first approach resulted in a completely unique and successful campaign that stood out from existing product ranges. Furthermore, thanks to the effectiveness of the multi-channel approach, the campaign has been carried through numerous seasons. This has allowed it to successfully grow to embrace new products in the range while maintaining its identifiable style.

“This multi-channel project really helped evolve our relationship with seventy7. They’re an agency that really understands the wants of PartyLite’s audience, so when we briefed them the concept for this range, we were excited to see what campaign they would come up with. The work they produced made this collection stand out stylistically from the norm. They exceeded our expectations with the end result by designing a campaign that could evolve the After Dark range as we added new products to it. The stunning imagery and video content they created would advertise what would go on to be a much-loved collection”

Nadja Di Noi - VP Marketing Worldwide at PartyLite

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