perfecting the swing with clubhouse golf

As one of the largest golf equipment and apparel brands in the UK, Clubhouse Golf is a brand that already knows how to target every golfer from the first-timer to the seasoned course dweller. We stepped in to help them create traction through the right channels, driving traffic and sales to shore up a stronger, more future-proofed ROI.

the challenge

With their competitors vying for market space, the business wanted to ensure that they remained at the forefront of their audience’s attention. Their existing marketing channels were performing well, but we saw an opportunity to take them even further. So we created a bespoke campaign to target specific audiences on Facebook Business Manager and Google Adwords. This allowed Clubhouse Golf to connect with their existing customers and convert traffic from external channels.

the result

Our paid campaigns saw results in key performance areas, most notably an 86% increase in paid social revenue and 47% increase in paid search sales. As well as a growth in revenue stream, we strengthened and further established Clubhouse Golf’s presence in the market, always boosting their return on ad spend so they could get the most out of their marketing.

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