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Castore, a sportswear brand that’s growing in renown, approached Seventy7 with a clear objective: to revolutionise their ecommerce photography. The list of comprehensive services used included photography, styling, hair & makeup, production (covering model sourcing and booking), retouching and sample management.

Castore aimed to elevate the appeal of their athleisure products for both men and women, with dynamic and captivating imagery that resonated with their performance-driven audience. Achieving consistency was paramount, Castore sought a standardised approach for their model ecommerce photography to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.


To bring Castore’s vision to life, Seventy7 implemented a series of strategic actions.

Introducing dynamic movement shots, these images effectively conveyed the performance-driven features of Castore’s products, injecting excitement into the ecommerce experience.

In pursuit of consistency, we developed a comprehensive style guide tailored specifically for athleisure. This guide served as a visual roadmap, ensuring that each product adhered to Castore’s desired aesthetic, covering aspects such as lighting, composition, styling, shot package and retouch.


The collaboration between Seventy7 and Castore yielded transformative results. The introduction of dynamic movement shots breathed life into the product imagery, effectively conveying the performance led attributes of Castore’s athleisure range. This resonated strongly with their target audience, enhancing the brand’s appeal.

The images produced through this partnership found their home on Castore’s online store and played a pivotal role in successful paid media campaigns. With our knowledge of multichannel strategy, we helped the brand connect with a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts and fashion-conscious consumers.


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