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Rolls Royce SMR.


Targeting the world’s best talent with a dynamic recruitment campaign.

Designs to attract a global audience

As Rolls Royce begins its journey to creating green energy alternatives through new nuclear technology, they approached us to help attract the best talent across the globe. Our designers created a recruitment campaign that instantly communicated the forward-thinking nature of the brand.


A first look at a brand with clear values

The brand are passionate about providing clean, sustainable energy for the future. In a time of climate crisis, we knew that communicating these far-reaching values had to inform every element of the campaign messaging. In doing so, the campaign can attract the brightest minds to lead the way.

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Communicating strong, disruptive messages about the Rolls Royce SMR brand was key to showcasing the excitement of the opportunity. Through bold core values, the brand could recruit those with shared values and key talent.

Creating consistent assets with longevity

In order to attract a new workforce of over 40,000 employees, we knew the suite of assets needed to feel connected, but stay fresh and exciting for a long roll-out. We created a vast number of variations, telling the story in a new way each time.


Made to work hard on every medium

Our artworkers ensured that the creative designs were perfectly executed for an array of applications, from out-of-home advertising to various social media platforms and online applications. Always with platform-native expertise.


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