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man in checked suit holds ski poles next to a women in a suit holding skis

Twisted Tailor.


 Elevating creativity through virtual production

Brief: Twisted Tailor, a fashion retailer known for its distinctive style, challenged Seventy7 with a captivating mission: to produce a ski-themed photoshoot that defied the boundaries of conventional photography. The objective was to create a visually stunning campaign that showcased their brand in an exhilarating and immersive ski-themed environment.

women in fur hat holds ski poles on a mountain

Action: In response to Twisted Tailor’s visionary challenge, Seventy7 embarked on a journey to harness the power of virtual production. Here’s how we brought this creative vision to life:

Ski-Themed Creativity: Our task was clear – to craft a ski-themed shoot that would transport viewers to the heart of the snowy slopes. To achieve this, we combined real-world elements with cutting-edge technology.

CGI Magic: Several mesmerising backgrounds were meticulously designed and rendered using state-of-the-art CGI techniques. These virtual backdrops would serve as the canvas for our creative vision.

Immersive Set Design: The physical foreground of the shoot was meticulously crafted using snow blankets, fake snow, and strategically placed rocks. This set build ensured that the ski-themed environment felt authentic and captivating.

Multi-Channel Application: The resulting project was not limited to a single platform. It was strategically leveraged across Twisted Tailor’s diverse social channels, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement

man and women in ski mast and wearing suits stare out from a snow covered mountain
two men walk across a snow cover mountain wearing suits. one holds a briefcase and one holds ski poles two men walk across a snow cover mountain wearing suits. one holds a briefcase and one holds ski poles

Elevating creativity through virtual production.

women looks out from a snow cover mountain wearing a suit and cap
man in suit and ski goggles stands on a snow covered mountain
woman in a fur hat and blue suit stands on a snow covered mountain
main in tartan suits walks across a snowy mountain with skis over his shoulder

Results: The fusion of creativity and technology led to remarkable outcomes for Twisted Tailor:

Unique Content: By seamlessly blending physical set design with CGI backgrounds, we unlocked a world of creative possibilities. This approach allowed us to tailor unique landscapes that perfectly aligned with Twisted Tailor’s brand aesthetic. The result was visually striking and distinctive campaign imagery.

A Seamless Combination: Our multidisciplinary team seamlessly combined the creative allure of quality photography with the limitless potential of CGI. This collaborative effort resulted in dynamic compositions set within bespoke virtual worlds. These environments brought Twisted Tailor’s products to life, inspiring viewers through captivating still and moving visuals.

Digital Advancements: The integration of digital technology allowed us to optimise the shoot day. Whether for campaign imagery, social media content, or behind-the-scenes footage, our approach enabled comprehensive content creation without compromise.

Seventy7’s virtual production expertise transformed Twisted Tailor’s ski-themed shoot into a visually captivating and immersive campaign. By marrying real-world elements with cutting-edge CGI, we pushed the boundaries of creativity, delivering striking and distinctive visuals that resonated with Twisted Tailor’s brand identity. This project showcases the limitless possibilities of virtual production in the world of fashion photography, where creativity knows no bounds.

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