Are Ad Blockers Really Ruining your Brand?

In 2015, the download of ad blockers increased by 41%. A scary statistic for marketers: or is it?

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2016 report – released last week – claimed that a mere 0.3% of mobile device users will be using an ad blocker by the end of 2016. So whilst the number of downloads are rapidly rising, the overall number is still extremely small.

So what exactly is an ad blocker? As the name suggests, it is software that removes adverts from a webpage or app. From visible banner and pop-up ads to hidden trackers, all advertising is removed from the user experience.

From a browser’s point of view, the benefits of ad blockers are huge. Apps with commercial videos use up to 79% more data than those that don’t. Why would anyone opt to pay a higher phone bill to watch videos that don’t add any value?

For marketers, a different view is taken. Whilst the number of people downloading ad blockers may be small, if you advertise your brand (which we’re guessing you do), then you’re affected.

Enter native advertising. The key is to promote your products/services in a way that customers don’t even realise they’re being advertised to. Essentially, you need to integrate your content onto the platform the user is visiting for a seamless experience.

Another thing to bear in mind is despite the frustration of your ads being blocked, they may not have been successful in the first place. A survey by Boxever revealed that 56% of consumers stated mobile adverts never added value for them. Of those consumers that had experienced irrelevant marketing, 40% stated they were less likely to buy from the brand going forward, and 31% were likely to delete that company’s app. Potentially, you were harming your brand before ad blockers even had the chance to.

Take the rise in popularity of ad blockers as an opportunity to create great adverts that your customers will be inspired to act on.

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Imogen Gee

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