seventy7’s brightonSEO 2020 Roundup

BrightonSEO provides a platform for digital marketing experts from around the world to share ideas, trends and forecasting around the specialist world they inhabit. It’s the place to be for anyone with a deep interest in getting stuck into the detailed world of SEO.

This year’s conference was held online, and we attended a huge variety of talks and panels to find out how the digital world is evolving going into 2021. The diversity of topics covered was astounding, from details on indexation and zero click SERPs to the more holistic aspects of digital PR. There was something for everyone, and it gave us plenty of food for thought.

As experts in on-page, technical and off-site SEO, we’ve converted our six key learnings from brightonSEO into blog format. Each of these will be useful for the strategy of the businesses that we work with on digital marketing retainers. Check them out.

It can be incredibly difficult finding a way to get backlinks to your site when your digital budget isn’t the biggest. This is because it involves gaining the hyperlinks needed to organically send people from another site to yours. Crucially, these links shouldn’t be asked for or bought, you have to earn them.

Luckily there are strategies you can use that will earn you those sweet, sweet backlinks. You can find four of the best tactics here, where we’ll tell you that not only do you need to be making the right content, but you need to be marketing it to the right people.

Whether you’ve got some engaging market research or are trying to promote a product, building natural links through pitching to journalists can be quite daunting if you’re doing it for the first time. If you can pitch to the right person, that journalist could take the content that you provide, create an article with it and provide valuable links to your website in that article.

Creating these natural backlinks to your site will strengthen your SEO, and can also increase traffic and new users. It’s a win-win. To make sure your pitch etiquette is perfect, we’ve rounded up the best tips to ensure you have the best chance of being published. Read them here.

Our Favourite Resources And Tools To Help You With Your Keyword Research

If you want to really know your online customers, then you should be conducting keyword research. Not only does it help you find out what term they’re searching for and how often they’re searching for it, but you can take that information and come up with ways to fulfil their needs.

So whatever you’re looking to use this keyword research for - a blog that resonates with your audience, checking to see your competitors’ keyword ranking or optimising your pages to bring in more traffic - find out which keyword research resources are at hand to make this crucial element of SEO easier for you.

What We Learned From The Tech SEO Panels At BrightonSEO

Technical (Tech) SEO is anything on your site that can be fixed to make it easier to be found on search engines. There is a range of techniques you can use that fall under the remit of Tech SEO, some above board, some not at all, and others that fall in a grey area.

It’s important that your digital strategy stays above board when it comes to Tech SEO, and the panel we attended stressed this over and over again. To find out more about how they see this aspect of SEO evolving going into 2021, read more here.

When the Google Penguin Algorithm was implemented in 2012, it changed the world of SEO forever. Gone were the wild west SEO techniques of keyword stuffing, reciprocal linking and guest blogging. Digital marketers now have to uphold standards, and the grey area within those standards can give you big wins short-term, but could end up costing you thousands further down the line.

So if you’re looking to build legitimate links back to your site that add value, there are a number of things to look out for in your quest. We’ve summed them up for you here. It’s important to note that although the Google algorithm changes constantly, their Penguin update means these techniques will keep you from toeing the line in the digital landscape.

The Why, How And What The Heck?! Of robots.txt Files For SEO

Although there’s an enormous human element to planning a thorough SEO strategy, you can’t get away from the fact that clever technical tricks can be the secret to getting amazing results for your digital clients. First introduced in 1994, robots.txt files are just one example of what could be overlooked. But do you want to know more about how they can help you? Of course you do.

We found out that implementing robots.txt files can change your website for the better from Sam Gipson, a man who has analysed thousands of them so we didn’t have to. So while it’s not an internet standard to have one on your site, Google announced in 2019 that they’re about to make it so. It’s time to start learning about these little bots, as they can really strengthen your SEO. Read more here.

If you need any help with your digital strategy, our full service team brings together development and design with paid marketing and SEO. We know how to bring brands online in the most effective way. Let’s talk.

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