Collage of footballers with Christmas theme.

Christmas vs Football: The Winter World Cup Culture Clash

This December, life as we know it will change forever as we all bear witness to the first ever Winter World Cup. Watchers will be donning gloves to go watch Belgium take on Canada, and huddling under heat lamps to lament getting Costa Rica or Qatar in the office sweepstake. 

With the final being played six days before Christmas, it sparked a debate in the office over what marketers would prioritise in the coming months - Christmas deals, World Cup offers or a seemingly unnatural combination of the two. 

That conversation led to another debate: “What’s better, Christmas or Football?”. We asked Copywriter Josh to take this fierce argument online, here are his thoughts (NB: The opinions expressed in this article do not represent seventy7's position, ever).

Pies vs Pies

Mincemeat vs Minced Meat. A Christmas staple vs the perfect matchday snack.

This is a tough one. Although I do love a Quorn pie at the football (especially if it’s covered in HP sauce), we have to have full scientific accuracy for this blog. So as a committed vegetarian I have to go for the Christmas mince pie. 

Christmas 1 - 0 Football

Mulled Wine vs Lager

A drink that tends to be served to you warm, in plastic glasses, and is synonymous with the season. And mulled wine. 

Although I am a lagerboy when I go watch my beloved Reds, I once had mulled wine at a Tennis Borussia Berlin match with a shot of Amaretto in it. You don’t get that at Stockport away, mulled wine wins. 

Christmas 2 - 0 Football

Celebrations vs Celebrations

I love chocolate Celebrations, although I think that Cadbury Heroes are the best selection box out there (message me on LinkedIn if you want a fight about it). But as much as I love them, many of the happiest moments in my life have been spent throwing myself down rows of seats celebrating goals (message me on LinkedIn if you want a breakdown of my top five goal celebrations).

Goals win.

Christmas 2 - 1 Football

Die Hard vs Hazard

Bruce Willis from Die Hard and Eden Hazard are mocked up as a World Cup Panini Sticker.

Let’s not get into the debate of whether Die Hard is a Holiday film or not. It is, and it’s great. Hans Gruber is a top 10 film villain, John McClane is a superb protagonist, and he saves Christmas. 

Eden Hazard, meanwhile, has never played well against Wales for Belgium, and would certainly be unable to get around the vents of Nakatomi Plaza. 

Yippee-ki-yay, goal Die Hard!

Christmas 3 - 1 Football

Midday Nap vs Half-Time Snack

I love a Christmas Dad Nap. No debate here. 

Christmas 4 - 1 Football

Roasties vs Chips

My mam makes the best roasties in the world. But on the other hand, chips that burn your throat all the way down to your stomach are a British Football Institution and cannot be replaced.

Football Mega Chippy.

Christmas 4 - 2 Football

Beanies vs Buckets

Anyone close to me will know that I can’t watch Wales play football without my lucky bucket hat. Lovely pattern, has witnessed us beat the might of Estonia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, never will be washed. 

I used to wear those slug Topman beanies when I was younger and my second-hand embarrassment has never left me. Bucket hats all the way. 

Christmas 4 - 3 Football

Scarves vs Shorts

I haven’t worn a scarf to the football since I was a teenager, and there are certain pubs I go to that frown upon them. I’m okay to wear shorts in there though…

Christmas 4 - 4 Football

Mariah vs Shakira

The Queen Of Christmas makes around a million dollars each Christmas without having to perform one of her most famous songs. 

Shakira (Shakira) made one of the greatest World Cup tracks ever. You can take your New Orders, your Baddiels, your Skinners, your Lightning Seeds, your Fat Leses. None of them can hold a candle to Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) [The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup (TM) Song]. Shakira (Shakira) completes an amazing comeback for football! 

Christmas 4 -  5 Football
If you want to argue with Josh about his answers, you can find his LinkedIn here. If you’re in need of our services to target your audience with World Cup content, get in touch here.

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