The seventy7 Guide: Ecommerce Optimisation

Businesses should always aim to design a website with their users in mind. Whatever device the site is being viewed on, you want to create something that is visually stunning while ensuring the user journey is slick, efficient and functional. 

The balancing act comes from optimising your site so it can be seen by as many eyes as possible, but both of these disciplines complement each other when executed properly. 

This means that brands should be making sure that User Experience (UX) design and functionality is a major phase of the creative process. It doesn’t matter if you create a work of art if it doesn’t operate efficiently for your customers.  

Backing good form and function up with good digital marketing is a must, you need to be targeting the right people for your brand, making sure they love your site, and are engaged enough to buy your products. 

Increased optimisation on your site through a superior user journey and an enhanced digital strategy will develop into better metrics for you and your brand. These include increased conversion rates, a much better ROI, and reduced bounce rates. 

So with these in mind, take a look through our guide on best practice for optimising your ecommerce website below. We’ve simplified our knowledge to show you the basics.


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