seventy7’s favourite world cup 2018 ads

The World Cup has been taking all our devices by storm.

seventy7 was born in Manchester so you could say soccer is in our roots. From working with teams and sports fashion lines, we know a thing or two about advertising the game. Our latest digital project has just kicked off with a website for premium football content brand The Coaches’ Voice. Working on this site just before the World Cup got us all in the spirit.

We were all tuned in as the World Cup became the biggest advertising war between all the biggest brands out there. These companies are willing to spare no expense on talent and creating an ad worthy of going viral.

These are the six tv campaigns that got our vote.

pepsi’s “love it. live it.”

This year the marketing madness has launched in full swing starting with Pepsi’s campaign; “Love it. Live it. Football”. This features 5 renowned international soccer players doing a "kickabout" in the street with balls covered in Pepsi-blue paint, covering walls, windows and people. Some of the athletes involved include Lionel Messi and Dele Alli. The campaign captured the imagination of consumers with big name stars and impactful visuals, instantly registering the Pepsi’s brand’s colours alongside the celebratory football feeling.

coca-cola is with the fans

Pepsi’s biggest competitor Coca-Cola goes global with their campaign ‘Being Ready’ featuring 4 TV commercials. One of the commercials ‘Stock Up’ is done to the beat of the AC/DC classic ‘Are You Ready’ which is to encourage football fans to purchase their favourite Coca- Cola before each of the matches. Fans are seen running through the street, desperate to get to their local stores and vending machines before the match. The energy and passion displayed in this campaign really represents not only the football players themselves but all the dedicated fans around the world.

adidas ‘create the answer’

Next up with another big contestant, we have the ‘Create the Answer’ campaign by Adidas. This actioned packed ad has managed to assemble an incredible 56 a-list creatives around the World Cup for a bold campaign designed to promote creativity. Creators include the likes of Leo Messi, Pharrell Williams, Karlie Kloss and Dele Alli. We admire the creativity shown and the amount of incredible people that were willing to get involved with this campaign.

budweiser’s big spend pays off

Talking of sparing no expenses, this certainly applied for Budweiser’s campaign ‘Light Up the World Cup’, claiming it was the biggest spend ever invested by AB InBev. This was no issue though as this monumental tournament is estimated to be the most watched event in the history of the Human Race! The company has served as the tournament's official beer partner since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. What makes this ad so captivating is the inclusion of beer carrying drones which are used to deliver brewskies to people while travelling through different countries. Even though the drones depicted in the ad are far from what drones today can do, there are still drones currently being tested to make package runs and even food deliveries so who knows what the future will bring.

qatar airways goes tech

There’s no doubt that the World Cup has brought so much joy and unity around the world, capturing this perfectly is the ‘Dancing in the Street’ for Qatar Airways campaign. Nicole Scherzinger who reimagines the classic song “Dancing in the Streets” looks to spotlight the joy the competition brings to fans around the video with the creative, highlighting the airline as the force that connects all these travelling fans.  “Music is a force for good,” said Scherzinger. “Historically, it is one of the most powerful forces for uniting humans because it transcends language barriers. This particular song that we’re working on is so powerful and it has a strong message – it celebrates and unites.”

lidl dream’s big with the kids

Celebrating its 3rd year as the Official Supermarket of the England Team, Lidl’s ‘Dream Big’ ad targets children, encouraging them to follow their dreams whilst also promoting the supermarket’s football coaching programme for five to eleven-year olds, called FA Lidl Skills. The ad contains plenty of humour; Kyle Walker is told he doesn’t know what stress is, Raheem Sterling is challenged on how fast he can run, and Gary Cahill is told to act more like a lion. This play on humour highlights the positivity and fun that the World Cup has brought to people all around the world.

All these campaigns deliver a message and successfully capture the essence of the World Cup. Although England has lost its chance of winning this year, they have still exceeded expectations and shown what an incredible, unified country we are. Is football coming home in 2022?

Image Credits: The Drum | The Drum | The Drum

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