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Getting Social On TikTok

Mia Haworth, Digital Marketing Executive at Seventy7.
Mia HaworthDigital Marketing Executive

It’s time to get social. You’ll be thankful to hear we don’t mean that we’re suggesting you go out and actually socialise in public. Deep breaths, it’s all online!

As we head into the busiest seasons of the year, you need to know the importance for your brand of getting social on TikTok. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween festivities and everything Christmas, TikTok is the place you want to be pushing your content.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse platform that can't be ignored. With its short-form video content and diverse user base, TikTok has swiftly become a go-to channel for brands and marketers looking to connect with highly-engaged audiences.

Hopefully we all know what TikTok is, so now what you need to know is why you need it.

Why should you be on TikTok?

As a business, brand or organisation in 2023, you should be on TikTok - if you aren’t already, you’ll be making one after reading this.

From a marketer’s opinion, you should be absorbing all the new, trending and fun platforms that have the ability to increase your brand awareness and identity. Who knows, you may just find the perfect niche audience to connect with. And if your specific customer is opening their phone and getting lost in the TikTok algorithm, you can’t afford to miss out on those valuable opportunities to be seen. 

Why is TikTok valuable to you as a brand?

In the world of marketing, exposure is everything. TikTok offers a powerful platform to catapult your brand into the limelight. With over 1 billion monthly active users globally, TikTok provides an unprecedented reach. 

By crafting engaging and relatable content, you can significantly increase brand awareness, ensuring your message reaches a massive and diverse audience. 

Increased engagement rates 

TikTok is more than just a platform - it's a thriving community of content creators and consumers. Brands can leverage this sense of community by engaging with their audience in various ways

Comments, Stitches, and Duets

Interact with users by commenting on their videos, stitching or duetting with their content. These interactions not only boost engagement but also create a sense of connection between your brand and your audience.

Commenting on Other Businesses' Content

Don't limit your interactions to just your followers. Engage with other businesses' content to build relationships within your niche. This can lead to an increase in mutual follows, expanding your brand's reach. Remember, it's a two-way street - if you comment on their content, they may reciprocate by engaging with yours.

How to leverage TikTok as a marketer

Using Organic Social on TikTok

Our Organic Social team are here to tell you that TikTok users are not just scrolling; they are actively shopping. 55% of TikTok users have made a purchase after seeing a brand on the app. Regularly sharing content will help generate more sales from your viewers who are primed and ready to make purchases.

TikTok's live streaming feature is a game-changer. According to TikTok, over half of its users have made a purchase directly due to watching a TikTok live from a brand or about a purchase. 

This statistic underscores the real-time influence and engagement that live streaming offers. Going live on TikTok allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level, answer questions, and showcase products or services in action.

For more in-depth information about TikTok Shop and how it can benefit your brand, check out our dedicated blog post here.

Graphic of statistics taken from TikTok website.
Image Source: TikTok

Using Paid Social on TikTok

With 16% of marketers plan on trying TikTok for the first time for their marketing efforts, our Paid Social Manager cannot recommend enough that you hop on this trend! 

Data shows that marketers 53% of marketers are increasing their investments into marketing on the platform this year.

While TikTok marketing is a year-round endeavour, there's a particular time of the year when content takes on a surge of engagement and popularity; Halloween.

This festive time of the year is no longer confined to trick-or-treaters and haunted houses. Instead, it has seamlessly integrated into the social media landscape, with TikTok leading the charge. 

Halloween is an indispensable time for marketers on TikTok. According to TikTok's own data, during the Halloween season, user engagement on the platform experiences a remarkable spike. People flock to TikTok to share their elaborate costumes, makeup transformations, and spooky home decorations. This surge in user activity presents a golden opportunity for marketers to tap into the excitement and create content that resonates with the Halloween spirit.

TikTok is a goldmine for brands seeking to elevate their digital marketing efforts. From the vast exposure it offers to the potential for building a dedicated community and the proven purchasing power of its user base, this app presents a myriad of opportunities.

So, take the leap, join the TikTok revolution, and get in touch with our expert teams today.

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