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Lights, Camera, Virtual Action: Virtual Production Redefines Visual Storytelling

Mia Haworth, Digital Marketing Executive at Seventy7.
Mia HaworthDigital Marketing Executive

Expand the horizons to create unique, eye-catching content that captivates your target audience using virtual production techniques.

What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production creates imagery using specialist techniques that blend the real world with digital elements. The results are stunning and imaginative photographic compositions that push the boundaries beyond what can be achieved using practical and traditional techniques.

When our team use virtual production in any shoot, they set out to not just make eye-catching content, but to make it immersive, real and spontaneously creative.

Realise your most ambitious ideas

Our technology allows our 3D artists to digitally recreate your product. That enables us to explore, deconstruct, reconstruct and highlight every individual element that matters. And it pushes us to find unique and exciting ways to present that product to the consumer.

Virtual production allows you to expand the imagination of your product. It gives the ability to showcase to your customer the craft, quality, technology and design you’ve invested in every piece.

The final results seamlessly combine the artistic appeal of quality photography with the boundary-pushing elements of CGI. The subject focus is surrounded by stunning backgrounds, creating new virtual worlds in which your product can exist, inspire, and bring distinctive campaign visuals to life.

Explore the different ways we create Virtual Production content

We create bespoke environments with a mixture of the physical (set build) and the digital (projected backgrounds). This allows for photographers to place their subjects in virtually any setting, from exotic landscapes to fantastical worlds.

Virtual Sets: Virtual production in photography often involves capturing subjects in front of green screens or other solid-coloured backgrounds. During post-production, the backgrounds are replaced with digitally created or enhanced environments. 

Real-Time Visual Effects: Some advanced photography setups incorporate real-time visual effects that can be seen through the camera's viewfinder or on a monitor during a photo shoot. These effects might include simulated lighting, colour grading, or background replacement, giving photographers immediate creative control and feedback.

Digital Compositing: After the photo shoot, photographers use specialised software to composite the subject with the chosen virtual background or elements. This process involves precise masking and blending techniques to make the final image appear seamless and natural.

Phygital Photography

This technique is a carefully crafted blend of physical photography and digital technology that offers unlimited creative options. Read more about our Phygital creation services here.

We ensure quality photography as our experienced photography teams know how to make your products look their finest. Previously unachievable results start from perfectly styled and shot photo shoots, from which we can create endless possibilities.

Why you need to dive into the new emerging world of Virtual Production

Control and Creativity: Virtual production in photography provides photographers with unparalleled creative freedom. They can experiment with various backgrounds, lighting conditions, and visual effects, all while working within the controlled environment of a studio.

Cost: While setting up virtual production in photography may require initial investments in equipment and software, it can ultimately be cost-effective. For our clients, they can tap into the investments in technology and creative experience that our team already have in place.

Extended Content: Show your audience elevated behind the scenes content to sit alongside what is created during the production and photo shoot. Create more than just campaign content with the production team during a shoot.

Enhanced Realism: Just as in virtual production for film, virtual production in photography can result in highly realistic images. When executed skillfully, viewers may struggle to distinguish between a photograph taken on location and one created using virtual production techniques. The execution can be tweaked to create subtle hyper-reality, or pushed to be surreal or fantastical.

Creating an immersive experience

Our teams assist clients in visualising how the product and styling appears in the virtual environment. This then enables the client, along with a stylist to make personalised modifications and adjustments to adapt to the surroundings.

These are the small aspects that build and enhance the content we create as a final result.

Interested in what visual production looks like for our clients? Have a look at our Belstaff case study.

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