The Creative Industry Is Learning Together

Head of Branding at seventy7, John Whalley is no stranger to changing climates in the market. Here he's taken a dive into what we can learn from lockdown times.

We’re living in a time when we are searching for any positives we can take from some of the most challenging periods of most of our lives, personally and professionally. So it’s really refreshing to know that there are plenty of people out there ready and willing to reach out with help.

At the beginning of lockdown, Phil Cookson, Julie Ollerton and the team at Creative Resource launched an initiative designed to inspire, motivate and educate those seeking a career in the creative industry, and to re-energise those already in it.

Lockdown Learning brought together almost 50 creative industry professionals from a wide range of disciplines to deliver online talks and presentations. No creative industry stone was left unturned. Subject matters included everything from search to social, brand building to copywriting, agency vs client side, transitioning from uni to agency life, how to be more resilient, and reaching your creative peak. 


Over 3,000 people ‘attended’ the 52 sessions delivered over a number of weeks - an incredible number - and something that would have been far more difficult to facilitate without our new friend Zoom. Forced upon us by circumstances maybe, but a quick and easy way for more than 3,000 people to access information and inspiration, and to feel a sense of creative industry community.

I was really pleased to be able to play my part, presenting two sessions on brand building, the first attended mainly by graduates, the second by fellow industry professionals. Post session questions were fascinating, and positive feedback was gratefully received.

Taking part in this outstanding initiative also served to highlight two incredibly important points. As we look to ‘build back better’ the sharing of knowledge will be critical to creative industry success, and investment in the future of our industry means investment in the next cohort of talent coming through.

Hats off to Phil, Julie and the team, you can read more about ‘Lockdown Learning’ here.

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