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On Your Doorstep: World Class Multichannel Marketing in Manchester

Collaboration comes naturally to every one of our specialists in seventy7. And multichannel marketing is what we do best. While the word may sound complicated or maybe even jargon-y, it’s our bread and butter. And it’s why our diverse marketing departments work so well together on the same client. 

What is it? Pretty simply it’s making sure all your marketing works together. Consistently, cleverly, cost-effectively. It makes your brand feel cohesive to your audience, and it makes your finance department happier at the same time.

Much like the cooks and the broth, having too many agencies working on your brand’s marketing campaigns can dilute the message you want to convey to your audience. Do you really want to miss out on those sweet conversion rates because your social media agency and PPC agency aren’t targeting the right people? If they’re competing, instead of collaborating, your audience might never see your great content. And if they do, and find it confusing, they’re likely to just click away.

Some of our clients came to us with one need, but the reason they stayed with us was because we could offer services that went way beyond their original brief. We’re the reason they could grow, with results that exceeded expectations across multiple channels.

seventy7’s multichannel approach isn’t just limited to our departments that occupy the digital world. We’ve got world class ecommerce and fashion photographers that make products look incredible for shoppers, scrollers and supporters.

When it comes to site builds, our designers know how to take a brand and all its assets and spin gold. Hardworking, money-earning gold. Having copywriters who know a brand inside out - and therefore know how to grab their audience’s attention - work with that web and digital team will achieve the best possible results. From UX writing that never strays away from the right tone of voice, to the SEO descriptions that stick to brand guidelines, it just makes sense.

Not to mention our creatives who keep that look and feel in check from the biggest physical ad to the littlest social story. It’s all about feeling like it’s part of the same living, breathing brand. Our strategists and account management teams are a huge part of keeping all that ticking, so you don’t have to sweat the small details.

Like the sound of it? We know we’ve got a solution you didn’t even think you could pull off, just waiting to be uncovered. Give us a shout and let’s find it together.

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