We helped launch Meyba into European football, And Rising started a mental health charity from scratch, and Golley Slater are just showing off: it's the seventy7 industry round-up.

Definitely, Meyba

We’ve worked with The Elite Group - who own both the hummel and Meyba brands - on various kit launches over the last 18 months, including Glasgow Rangers and Charlton FC.

Born in the 1940’s, Meyba are the original Catalonian sportswear brand widely known for kitting out one of the greatest FC Barcelona teams in history. Their roots in European football run deep, so when seventy7 were approached by The Elite Group to help with the launch of next season’s Meyba/FC Twente kit, we jumped at the chance to be a part of their illustrious history.

Using iconic images of the De Grolsch Veste stadium combined with the distinctive track print of the Meyba brand, we produced a kit launch campaign which included web banners, social assets (including a GIF!), and instore POS.

Home of the Broads

This year’s Arts, Humanities and Social Studies students at Anglia Ruskin University had nowhere to publicly showcase their final projects. In step Peter & Paul, who created Present. an online exhibition space for the public to view every amazing piece from the safety of their screens. The beauty of the website is that it allows you to curate the work for yourself. If you want to find all the pieces about gender identity, or whether you just love the colour red, this stunning online answer to the Covid crisis will let you get lost in beautiful artwork for hours. 


Cardiff-based, but with offices across England and Wales, Golley Slater have been busy during the lockdown. They produced a film alongside the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales during the early stages of the pandemic to warn the public of the dangers of Covid-19. They also managed to turn the wording of the Government rulings into advertising for themselves thanks to the agility of their in-house team. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the beautiful Welsh landscape to shoot a campaign like this?

A Deep Dive: Power to the Creative People

Creative People Inc are a recruitment company like no other, they make sure that creative people get the right jobs within an industry that they’re experts in. Their 100% authenticity shines through in everything that they do, so when seventy7 were approached to help be part of the creation of the brand back in 2018, we wanted to make sure what we came up with was modern and timeless. The end product is an impactful website that still has a contemporary feel, thanks to its stunning typographic elements. Go check it out, we’re still very proud of it.

Rise Up

Gen Z is the generation most in touch with their mental health, and during these times of uncertainty the services available to them to deal with that are becoming more scarce. Here’s where And Rising stepped in. Working alongside three of the UK’s leading mental health networks, they created One Space, an all-encompassing inclusion zone for people under 25 to get the support they desperately need. Their explanation of the processes they went through to achieve the end product is fascinating too, read that here.

What’s Your Type?

Glorious Creative are running a year-long series of blogs mapping out the 12 personalities of brands using a Top Trumps style of ranking, pulling no punches with how they perceive these companies. Part one told us about The Hero brands that are incredibly  sure of themselves, and May was all about The Explorer, the companies who wear their walking boots to the office with Let My People Go Surfing hanging out of their rucksacks. Brand identity is everything, and this series is an ace way to magnify that.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

When our fellow Mancs Dinosaur were tasked with creating an ad for Brother that could be translated across 29 different countries, they decided to go back to the absolute basics. This funny and instantly understood ad harnesses the power of silent film comedy in order to get the message across that IT managers don’t want to deal with infuriating printing problems all day, and Brother are the solution. 

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