Welcome to our latest industry roundup, gosh it's getting dark earlier. In November we're taking a look at our insights into ecommerce trends for Christmas, being impressed by Jamhot, and designing for everyone...

a very merry marketing strategy

Christmas is only around the corner, and with that comes the best opportunity to make the most of what’s sure to be a prosperous golden quarter for ecommerce this year. But if you haven’t quite thought your strategy through, then we have the insights for you. For example, did you know that 50% of ALL consumers want to see user generated content on their favourite brand’s website? And on top of that, 90% of them spent longer on those sites with user generated content.

If it’s more hints, tips, strategy or stats that you want, then we have the blog for you. seventy7 have compiled all of the trends that we see being crucial to ecommerce this year and into the future. If that sounds like something you need a bit of extra help with, then we have the skill set within our agency to turn digital campaigns around in unbelievable turnaround times. If you need help with your PPC, ROI and SEO, we can help with that too.

Read more about the direction that we see ecommerce going for Christmas here

design for everyone.

The importance of systemic barriers for people with disabilities to be removed has never been more pertinent. The Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) is looking to change how blind and partially sighted people can access private information. So with the help of The&Partnership’s London studio, they have designed the first prototype of their Design For Everyone campaign.

Taking a pregnancy test can often be a stressful situation for anyone, but blind and partially sighted people often have no choice but to involve other people in reading their results. The RNIB are looking to offer the solution thanks to their prototype pregnancy test that is built so that blind or partially sighted people can be the first to know their own results. With such a basic oversight being given this sort of easy solution, our fingers are tightly crossed that the design world can offer more like this in the not-too-distant future. 

a deep dive: putting our best foot forward

EGO shoes are a fast fashion company that have carved out a stand-out brand in a market where competition is as fierce as their footwear. Working closely with their digital team, our challenge was to ensure that we placed their products in front of the right audience through a harmonised strategy which combined PPC, SEO, social ads, influencer outreach and affiliates.

The challenge was to ensure that the TOV was authentic at all times, while maintaining a profit thanks to their AOV of £25. Thanks to our targeted campaign, we were able to transform their output which translated into an enormous growth in their profits (92%, if you’re asking) a 112% increase in traffic, plus many more digital wins. 

there’s some hokum in this house

Glasgow-based design studio Jamhot have been extremely busy on the tease front over the past weeks on their Instagram, with plenty of imagery and animation that looks like it could have crawled straight out of H.P. Lovecraft’s head. The end product is a sensational new premium coffee roastery based in Scotland’s second city, Hokum, which launches as a D2C subscription model in the new year. 

Jamhot have created the concept for the whole brand from scratch, using fun visuals based on Hokum’s mantra of taking coffee “extremely seriously while seeing the nonsense in everything else”. We can see the fun that’s gone into everything from the comic strip-style ad campaigns to the amazing tote bags (our DMs are open if you want to send some to the office), and cannot wait to sample the coffee from this amazing-looking brand. 

print ain’t dead

With countless publications finding huge issues with keeping afloat as the Covid crisis continues, Humberside natives Drunk Animal are disproving the theory that print simply can’t work in 2020. They launched 88 Magazine at the beginning of the UK lockdown that serves the people of Hull and East Riding as a lifestyle magazine for a lifestyle that is changing. 

They’ve seen such a hugely positive response since launching that Issue 5 (which arrived on the first Friday of November) was their first print issue. We absolutely love the community-first aspect of this project, and with a monthly digital readership of over 10,000 people, would love to see this set a precedent for how creative studios can directly serve their local areas. 

be more aware

The longer that the national lockdown has gone on, the more likely it is that people have found themselves drinking more regularly at home. Drinkaware are extremely conscious of this, and asked The Corner to help them with their latest campaign. Using simple Noun Project-style iconography and hard-hitting one liners, their OOH ads highlighted some of the familiar excuses that people use in order to justify having a drink throughout the week. A powerful strategy, and one that will hopefully become more prominent as the winter months draw in. 

tikking along

With TikTok exploding in popularity since its inception in 2018, Wolff Olins were tasked with elevating the social media platform as it reached its second birthday. Launched alongside the TikTok Creator Fund, the TV, digital and OOH campaign captured, magnified and celebrated the creators that had found fame through making videos for the masses. Bringing such an organic platform into the general public sphere was no small task, and has shown that TikTok is unlikely to be unbeaten by the copycats any time soon.

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