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The seventy7 Social Media Calendar 2022

Want to make sure you’ve got every social media holiday covered next year? From No Pants Day in May to National Yorkshire Pudding Day in October, let seventy7 keep your organic channels on track in 2022.

No matter the industry or space your brand occupies, staying ahead of days of remembrance and holidays can be a lifesaver as you keep up with the day-to-day aspects of running your social media accounts.

We know that some reactive content has a better chance of reaching new customers the more planning that goes into it, which is why we’ve created the seventy7 2022 Social Calendar. It gives you a chance to stay ahead of the community management, market research and BAU content that your audience knows you for.

The below are some of our highlights for the upcoming year, which is your favourite?  Which aligns best with your brand’s tone of voice?

January 2022 Social Media Holidays

Tuesday 4th - National Spaghetti Day
Friday 21st - National Hugging Day
Tuesday 25th - Opposite Day

February 2022 Social Media Holidays

Saturday 5th - World Nutella Day
Sunday 13th - Galentine’s Day
Thursday 17th - Random Acts Of Kindness Day

March 2022 Social Media Holidays

Tuesday 1st - Pancake Day!
Wednesday 9th - National Meatball Day
Monday 14th - World Napping Day

April 2022 Social Media Holidays

Friday 1st - Walk To Work Day
Saturday 2nd - Autism Awareness Day
Tuesday 12th - Equal Pay Day

May 2022 Social Media Holidays

Sunday 1st - May Day
Wednesday 4th - Star Wars Day
Wednesday 25th - Geek Pride Day

June 2022 Social Media Holidays

Thursday 2nd - Leave The Office Early Day
Friday 17th - Eat Your Vegetables Day
Tuesday 21st - National Selfie Day

July 2022 Social Media Holidays

Wednesday 6th - International Kissing Day
Monday 11th - National Mojito Day
Sunday 17th - World Emoji Day

August 2022 Social Media Holidays

Monday 1st - Yorkshire Day
Friday 5th - Cycle To Work Day
Saturday 13th - Left Handers Awareness Day

September 2022 Social Media Holidays

Wednesday 7th - Youth Mental Health Day
Sunday 11th - National Hot Cross Bun Day
Sunday 18th - National Cheeseburger Day

October 2022 Social Media Holidays

Saturday 1st - World Coffee Day
Sunday 9th - International Astronomy Day
Thursday 13th - National Yorkshire Pudding Day

November 2022 Social Media Holidays

Tuesday 1st - World Vegan Day
Wednesday 9th - Social Media Kindness Day
Friday 25th - Black Friday

December 2022 Social Media Holidays

Sunday 4th - National Cookie Day
Tuesday 20th - National Sangria Day
Friday 30th - National Bacon Day

Looking for a multichannel agency that can take over your brand’s social accounts to help them grow, and reach the right audience? Let’s talk today, we’ve got decades of experience in driving creativity so your business thrives from it. 

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