Total Black Out

It may have begun as an American import that many resisted, but Black Friday and its less catchy cousin Cyber Monday have found their footing as a calendar event in the UK’s ecommerce landscape. Brands from tech to fashion, big or small, all know that to miss out on this banner sale event is to miss out on huge pre-Christmas sale shopping across a variety of customer profiles.

But now that every ecomm player has skin in the game, what is a brand to do to stand out? That’s where a holistic approach to photography comes into its own.

In the world of ecommerce image creation, agility and knowledge of the platforms is the key, and that’s exactly what makes seventy7 a frontrunner in the field. As we approach the creative concept for every project, we take into the room all the relevant voices from our teams. With skills ranging across creative channels, individual expertise combines into one holistic vision that best serves our clients, and is the most cost-effective.

Our in-house digital and communications teams help inform the creativity of our ecommerce photography from its inception. Theirs is a background that helps maximise functionality of the image, informs our visual creatives about the current trends in online shopping and keeps social media at the heart of operation. Digital strategists, SEO executives and beyond can often be the driving force behind imagery taking on one feel over another, pushing us to understand online trends that are happening in real time. With these technical and creative inputs, our photography team can then use these insights to help create fresh and hardworking ecommerce photography.

That means imagery that doesn’t look like the work of your peers, but instead is fresh and enticing, based on insights directly into your customer base.

It’s not just Black Friday that requires this fast-moving understanding of online trends. At seventy7, our photography teams prove again and again that agility is a core strength, letting them create imagery that reacts quickly to a changing brief or last-minute requirement. Got a brief that you need in a short timeframe, or an idea that you wish you’d thought of two weeks ago? Get in touch with our teams and let us take care of it, faster than you expect.

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