Video Content Your Customers Want to See

In 2014, 64% of the world’s internet traffic was for video content. According to Cisco, this will increase to 80% by 2019. 70% of marketers are currently using videos in their marketing strategies. If you haven’t already, it’s now time for you to do the same: create a video content strategy that will engage and inspire your customers.

Gone are the days when videos were limited to your YouTube and Vimeo channels. Your video strategy should include regular posting across all social media channels, on-site and in emails. You just need to know the type of video content your customers want to see.

Video Content


Research has shown that a user spends approximately 88% more time on a website with video than one without. Furthermore, if a customer enjoys watching your video, their purchase intent increases by 97%, and brand association rises by 139%. The incentive to create a great video content strategy has never been so huge.

Product features can easily be shown if shot as a video. 360 degree videos are particularly effective, as they enable potential customers to view the product features from all angles. Videos that complement your products such as tutorials and style guides are useful for the customer, whilst being an interesting piece of content.

Testimonials via video are great too, and can be placed on the product page. Potential customers can identify with reviewers more easily as they can physically see them. With the review seeming more honest, other customers may be more willing to invest in your brand.

However, it’s not just products and services that you should film on your site. Staff interviews and Q&As allow customers to get to know your brand better. Your employees are all specialists in your industry: use it to your advantage. Post a blog article about the current trends of the industry, and embed a video of an employee discussing this. Just ensure in all videos that you’re projecting the same tone of voice as you would in your written content.

Social media

Social media is a great platform to host your videos, as they will reach a wider audience. Earlier on we mentioned YouTube is no longer the only place for videos. Nevertheless, do not forget to incorporate this channel – as the second largest online search engine, the potential for viewers is vast.

You have more freedom in video content when it comes to social. Whilst you can post the videos featured on your site, you’re also able to have fun and inject some personality. Posting behind-the-scene clips like office tours, ‘meet the team’ and general goings-on is a nice touch, and will help your target market relate to your brand.

Live videos

Live video has soared in popularity, largely thanks to Periscope (and to a lesser extent, Meerkat). Periscope – a live video streaming app – was launched in March 2015, and now boasts more than 10 million members – 1.85 million of which are active daily. Put bluntly, it’s a huge platform to showcase your videos.

Behind-the-scenes footage is extremely effective here. Play on your consumers’ FOMO –if they don’t tune in to watch your brand backstage at a major event, they’ll have missed out on some really important news.

Burberry, the famed fashion luxury leaders when it comes to technology, announced its arrival on Apple TV this month with a live stream of its menswear fashion show. Sure, you could view the show after it had happened, but if you didn’t see it live then you missed out to the millions that did.

Costa has also been trialling live videos with Periscope to convey the quality of their drinks. Coinciding with International Coffee Day, Costa live streamed a video of their baristas pouring perfect flat white coffees for an hour. This was advertised through #InternationalCoffeeDay and #WorldCostaDay hashtags to raise awareness and increase the number of viewers.

You need to be aware of the added issues that come with one take of a live video. Make sure you’re prepared, to avoid any major mishaps; although it doesn’t have to be perfect. Ultimately, you’re providing customers with a sense of belonging by allowing them access to your company.


According to research, just using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, increases click through rates by 65%, and reduces the number of unsubscribes by 26%. Video can be hugely beneficial in your email marketing campaigns, and it’s something you should incorporate.

We’re passionate about video. If you would like to collaborate with a dedicated team and produce some amazing video content, get in touch with us at From 360s to style guides and everything in between, we’ve shot videos for many innovative brands, and we’d love to work with you too.

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