Why you need to use video content marketing for your business

Video marketing. Those of us who have grown up with good ol’ trusty blog writing cringe in horror at the thought of the new trend of video content crashing onto the digital marketing scene. 

For others, this ever-popular trend is eagerly welcomed as content marketing shifts, taking on new forms. 

Videos are the perfect mixture of efficiency and usefulness for viewers in their short-form content and attractive imagery. Whether you come under B2B or B2C, you need to be aware of this increasingly important trend.

We must, of course, give a shoutout to the rockstar of the video world YouTube, as the popularity of video on social in general is a huge contender when it comes to advertising, possibly more so than traditional ads! 

Consider your favourite advert, the yearly John Lewis Christmas ad perhaps? What did you like about it? What kept you watching? Adverts and more generally videos, are a sure-fire way to get your brand recognised and retain the viewers’ attention.

But why exactly is video becoming so popular? Is it as important as everyone makes out? Let’s divulge shall we…  


It’s all about being visual. Visual imagery is an extremely effective tool in capturing a reader’s (or potential consumer’s!) attention. The moving image on their screen must be engaging and entertaining in order to interrupt the dreaded thumb scroll and make the reader pause to watch. 

You have approximately three seconds on a person's Twitter feed to get the reader’s attention, use the time wisely!

On YouTube, nearly 2 billion viewers each month seek out and engage with content that feels tailored to them.

Think With Google

What’s great about videos in terms of the viewer, is that they can revel in the joyous laziness of sitting back, relaxing and saving the tiresome eye scanning of a blog post (excluding this insightful piece, of course…). 

Great marketing takes away the guessing game of advertising, it brings your brand message to them!


When it comes to the design of your brand, videos are the perfect opportunity to insert some creativity into your content. Mix up your usual style by summarising your blog post and transforming it into a short video. 

Better still, why not throw in a video of yourself speaking about your blog topic or product? You’ll have to overcome your camera shyness as studies have proven the statistical effectiveness of video use in marketing campaigns:

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Markets who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.



The possibilities are endless. From how-to videos to interviews, explainer videos to customer testimonials, the choice is yours! Experiment with different formats and find out what your audience likes. 

Some of the most successful brand video marketing campaigns such as Coca Cola’s ‘The Last Customer’ Christmas ad and Always ‘#LikeAGirl’ ad, focus on telling a story, creating an emotional appeal and overall providing an entertaining yet informative experience to the viewer.

Storytelling is often used by brands as a tactical way to persuade consumers into investing into the narrative of the video, whilst subconsciously taking in the products being advertised to them. 

Customer testimonials can also act as a trustworthy source of recommendation as they explain their personal experiences with the brands and the resulting successes that this has led them to.


Video does a great job at boosting sales and conversions. With a whopping total of 87% of marketers utilising video for their brand, it’s impossible not to hop on the video content trend. In fact, it’s crucial. As with adding images to text, videos have a much better chance of appealing to the viewer.

When businesses were asked if they thought video had a positive impact on brands ROI, with 83% agreed. Consumers appear to share the same view with 54% of consumers claiming that video is their preferred form of content.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the greatest video producer who ever lived, you don’t have to be a tech expert, you just need quality content with an educational and entertaining theme. 

You don’t even need to be boasting a Hollywood-style million-dollar budget either, with the endless sites available online it’s easier than ever to put together an impressive and good quality video, without breaking the bank. Why not use the materials you have in your pocket and film a short clip on your smartphone?

The phrase substance over style has never been so true as the content featured in a video holds far more importance than a high definition presentation with no useful or applicable information. 


Buzzfeed, the hugely popular American media company known for their web and video content, uses short and effective videos to tell humorous and educational narratives. One of their most memorable video ad series produced, was the Buzzfeed for Purina ‘Puppyhood’ adverts. The videos take up a total of only three and a half minutes and, at the time of publishing this article, boasts 27,903,008 views.

The narrative follows the tale of a man and his puppy, facing the joys and challenges of adjusting to their new relationship. From settling into his new home, to figuring out each other’s living habits, the viewer is subtly pointed towards the Purina dog food product throughout the miniseries. 

The subtlety of the product placement is impressive. 

From one tiny pup’s daily adventures to the blossoming friendship between the man and his furry friend, the advertising is barely noticeable, buried in the storyline.

Much like this Purina placement advert, you can incorporate selling your brand into your own videos with just a little skill and care to make the most of your content!

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