PartyLite’s CBD Candle Range

A disruptive journey into wellness powered by AI


PartyLite, an established home fragrance and décor brand, approached Seventy7 with an exciting challenge: to launch their new flagship product range, a collection of CBD-infused candles. This range was a strategic move for PartyLite, marking their transition into the wellness market. The task was to create a captivating and bold campaign that would not only position the candles firmly in the fragrance market but also highlight their wellness and self-care aspects.


Our approach began with harnessing the power of AI and CGI to bring this unique product to life. We knew that these cutting-edge technologies would allow us to push creative boundaries and deliver an experience that would resonate with PartyLite’s audience.

We employed AI to infuse each CBD candle image with eye-catching elements that mirrored the essence of each fragrance. This innovative use of AI brought a dynamic and captivating dimension to the visuals, setting them apart in the market.

In parallel, we created social media imagery using AI, tailored primarily for organic social platforms. This content was designed to resonate with PartyLite’s existing audience while making a significant impact. Our creative approach embraced aspirational lifestyle settings, dramatic lighting, and a thoughtful representation of various personas through styling and product placement. This was essential, given that the product itself represented a ground-breaking direction for PartyLite’s product portfolio.

To maintain visual consistency, we employed a strong tonal colour palette throughout the campaign, extending from the primary campaign imagery to new “elevated ecommerce” images. This holistic strategy ensured that our disruptive and engaging creative approach remained consistent across all touchpoints.


The outcome was a suite of disruptive assets for each CBD candle fragrance that represented a substantial departure from PartyLite’s typical visual style. These assets were meticulously crafted for use across different channels, including paid advertising, organic content, email marketing, blogs, landing pages, print materials, and sales collateral.

The infusion of AI into the creative process not only elevated the visual appeal but also enabled us to deliver a unique and immersive experience to PartyLite’s audience. It marked a significant step in PartyLite’s journey, introducing their flagship CBD candle range and successfully positioning it as a bridge between the fragrance and wellness markets.

This campaign exemplified how AI, coupled with creativity and strategic thinking, can transform a brand’s narrative and captivate diverse audiences. It showcased the potential of AI as a game-changing tool in the world of marketing and visual storytelling, opening new horizons for brands looking to make an impact.


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