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WXM: Elevating ecommerce imagery to score big


WXM, the brainchild of footballer Ollie Palmer, is more than just a leisurewear brand: it’s a lifestyle. Initially available exclusively through the Wrexham club shop and online, WXM aimed to broaden its horizons. The challenge? Raise brand awareness through captivating content, particularly by enhancing its ecommerce imagery for the AW23/24 collection. WXM sought to convey the quality, fit and personality of its luxury leisurewear, whilst bringing a dose of fun and lifestyle to the brand. They turned to Seventy7 for the game-changing assist.


 Seventy7 recognised that to truly make WXM stand out, bold imagery that told the brand’s unique story was key. Our client services team embarked on an exploratory journey, immersing themselves in WXM Clothing’s essence, business and goals.

We meticulously designed an ecommerce photography strategy that showcased WXM’s clothing in all its glory. Our focus was on bringing out the product’s detail, texture and overall quality. The imagery would tell a story not just of what the clothing looked like, but how it felt to wear.

To elevate WXM’s fit, fabric, and finer details, we orchestrated a photoshoot that brought out the best in every garment. It was about more than just pictures, it was about capturing WXM’s unique style.

But we didn’t stop there, we created additional content tailor-made for their social channels. This content didn’t just feature clothing, it conveyed the brands essence, the WXM way of life.


The results spoke volumes. The new ecommerce imagery conveyed a brand that was about more than just fashion. It told a story of quality, fit, and fun all in one vibrant package.

Ollie Palmer, the man behind WXM, had this to say: ‘Seventy7 let us lead the shoot and put our valuable input in. They’ve got a lot of experience with clothing brands and they helped us get it right. The facilities and resources there are pretty endless. I’ll be doing all my future shoots for spring and summer here as well.’

Through our collaboration, WXM achieved an ecommerce image transformation that resonates with its audience. The photography didn’t just sell clothing, it sold a lifestyle, a mindset and an attitude. 

Seventy7’s approach to WXM’s ecommerce photography exemplified how powerful visuals can transform a brand’s perception. By telling a compelling story through imagery, we elevated WXM from a clothing brand to a lifestyle brand, giving it the winning edge it deserved.


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