10 Tips From Dom Brophy

Here our fashion photographer Dom Brophy provides 10 excellent tips for people who may be looking to break into the highly competitive world of fashion photography.

1. Research

Always do your homework. You should know what you want from the shoot and what your client is looking for before it happens. Magazines, Pintrest, Google images and agency websites are all bursting with inspiration.

2. Be confident

Have the confidence to know what you want from the shoot. It’s your time to show everyone else what you are like as a photographer. Communication is key throughout. You have to be able to direct the model. Don’t just assume that everyone knows what you want.

3. Versatility

Fashion changes all the time and so do clients. Don’t get left behind!

4. Test

Test and practice as much as you can. Try new lighting, new equipment and new ideas before introducing them to a live job.

5. Don’t be afraid to express yourself

Display your style and vision. It’s easy to pick up a camera and take a picture but you have to be able to say something with the finished photograph.

6. Go the extra mile

It’s not a nine-to-five job. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing 14 hour days from time to time.

7. Don’t be late

If your call time is 8.30am make sure that you arrive at 8.00am. You would be amazed at how many people remember if you’re one of the first to arrive. The same people remember the ones who turn up last!!

8. Angles

Move around. Things can look different from various angles.

9. Know your tools

Understand the limitations of your equipment. You don’t want it to appear like you don’t know what you’re doing if something doesn’t work properly.

10. Be nice

Smile. It’s a brilliant job but it’s a small industry and people remember the grumpy moaners! Ultimately, you want a nice shoot. If you have a nice happy working environment, you’ll get nice pictures!


Imogen Gee

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