The People Formerly Known As Audience: a sign of the times

A few weeks back I was at Manchester Digital’s ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ for the first in a series of events where experts from a range of digital businesses share knowledge and key insights about innovating in a small team, growing agencies and creating talent led organisations.

On the day there were great talks by three great speakers. Ex-BBC man and digital strategist, Hugh Garry, CEO and founder of Manchester digital agency Code Computerlove, Tony Fogget and founder of user experience and web design consultants Clearleft, Andy Budd.

As good as all the speakers were, though, I’ve really been mainly thinking about what Hugh Garry said. He talked about the ‘People Formerly Known As Audience’ and how they have evolved from being just observers to shaping, financing and even owning the media they once consumed.

He demonstrated how they have, since the days of broadcast radio, moved on from being passive consumers, to being the actual media proprietors themselves. The emergence YouTube Original Channels, for instance, has empowered audiences further by letting them curate and support their own niche tastes with free content from celebrities, musicians, sports personalities and media brands.

Creative funding platform Kickstarter is another great example of power in the hands of the PFKAA.

The moral of the story is of course that you can’t keep anything from the consumer these days if you want to succeed as a brand. And the more you share with People Formerly Known As Audience, the more they’ll love you for it. The best way to do this? Through social media, obvs!

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Imogen Gee

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