And pin-up of the year award goes to…

Us, of course! We’re always on the look out for unique ways to shout about our work at Photolink, so when we heard about social media site Pinterest we didn’t hesitate to sharpen our pins.

In essence, Pinterest lets users create pinboards of beautiful images they’ve found around the web or curated from other Pinterest pages. For us, it seemed like a great promotional platform as well as an unmissable opportunity to relive our youth. We weren’t dissappointed.

The main difference between having a wall of inspiration online and not hidden away in our teenage bedrooms, however, is that it will (hopefully) serve to inspire other people online by introducing them to our varied creative output in a succinct, colourful and straightforward fashion.

So instead of plastering our Pinterest wall with coveted pictures of Public Enemy, David Bowie, fighter planes, Chris Waddle, dinosaurs, Madonna, Bob Marley and Ferraris (yep, a mixed-up bunch of teenagers we were), we’ve decided upon a more grown up selection of images. These include design highlights, company quirks, press cuttings, celebrity subjects and work that’s appeared in print, online and on billboards around the UK over the past few months.

Take a look around our Pinterest page here (now a year in the making) to see how it’s shaping up and let us know what you think. Or better, get re-pinning!

Imogen Gee

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