App development workshop with Apadmi

Bringing a brand new element to our constantly growing digital offering at Photolink, yesterday saw our digital and creative teams spend time with app development company Apadmi.

An award winning enterprise in mobile development and apps, they bring a huge level of expertise and creative buzz to the digital industry in Manchester. Of course, we couldn’t wait to pick their brains on how we could bring those skills together with our projects.

Boarding their fully decked out roadshow bus, our team took part in a series of workshops and creative discussions around bringing app creation together with our existing skills. We can’t wait to get involved in developing these ideas and bringing them to our clients, in partnership with Apadmi.

Our special thanks to the team at Apadmi for their invaluable insights.

Find out more about the Apadmi Roadshow Apadmi Roadshow.

Imogen Gee

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