The Photolink Studios (and George!) feature in BBC1’s Waterloo Road

If you didn’t catch last night’s episode of the award-winning series Waterloo Road on BBC One you would not only have missed a cracking slice of modern British drama, but our very own studio assistant George Read playing the role of a young photographer!

The BBC crew hired our studio (Studio 5) for two days to film the scene in which George photographs one of the show’s stars Darcy Isa playing school girl and wannabe model Lauren Andrews. In short, the poor lass is fed a string of false promises about impending stardom throughout the episode and then (spoiler alert!) informed that she’ll never be a model near the end.

Don’t worry if you missed all the drama last night, you’ll be able to get it on iPlayer shortly and see the story play out in its entirety – as well as watch George’s rippling bicep almost steal the show. If you’re more interested in the size and shape of our Studio 5, however, take a look around on the dedicated studios website here.

Imogen Gee

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