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The Best POS Systems for your Business
Charlotte Fish, SEO Manager at Seventy7.
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POS (or Point of Sale for those unfamiliar with the term) has evolved significantly, presenting a myriad of options beyond the traditional in-store or online dichotomy. Nowadays, customers engage with various channels, be it through browsing on a PC, mobile device, or tablet. This shift underscores the need for businesses to adapt to diverse POS possibilities and leverage a wide array of POS services to stay competitive.

Let's delve into some of the leading POS systems we recommend, each tailored to meet distinct business needs:


Vend stands out as a versatile cloud-based POS system, offering a range of features to streamline operations. While it offers a free plan, opting for the paid plan unlocks advanced functionalities essential for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions. From processing payments to managing sales, Vend caters to different sectors such as retail and restaurants. Notably, for larger enterprises considering a switch in POS providers, Vend seamlessly integrates with existing hardware like credit card readers and scanners, minimising the need for costly equipment replacements.


With Shopify, businesses enjoy the flexibility of a no-contract commitment and transparent fee structure, eliminating hidden charges. Supporting unlimited inventory items and variations, it caters to enterprises with extensive product lines, whether operating online or in physical stores. Noteworthy features include seamless inventory synchronisation between brick-and-mortar outlets and online platforms, facilitating efficient stock management. While Shopify excels in many areas, it offers limited tools for employee management. However, its affordability and flexibility make it an attractive option, particularly for small businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.


Renowned as one of the most recognisable POS systems, PayPal boasts a fee structure devoid of monthly service or support fees, coupled with the absence of long-term contracts. This simplicity in pricing appeals to businesses seeking predictability and transparency. However, accessing advanced POS features may require collaboration with PayPal's integrated partners, presenting a minor inconvenience. Nevertheless, PayPal remains a compelling choice, especially with its recent foray into in-store POS solutions, enabling payment processing via mobile devices like iOS, Android, or iPad. Many businesses have returned to PayPal after experiencing hidden fees with competitors, underscoring its reliability and cost-effectiveness.

In conclusion, whether you're considering setting up a POS system for your business's in-store operations, online storefront, or a combination of both, our expertise are at your disposal.

Having collaborated with numerous leading retailers in the UK, we are well-equipped to tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

Reach out and let's embark on optimising your POS experience for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

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