Reinventing Retro

Three guesses at the coolest car of all time. The Jaguar E Type? Superb, but not quite. Aston Martin DB5? A strong contender, think again. The Cadillac Eldorado? Now you’re out by miles.

It is, arguably, the classic Mini Cooper. Could any other car slither and slide so sublimely through the streets of Turin in The Italian Job? It was like Matchbox around the back yard for grown-ups. When the Mini was reinvented by BMW at the turn of the 21st Century many hailed it a triumph of design and build. Something old becoming something entirely new. You knew where it came from, but this one was something else. An inspiration.

It was with that notion of reinvention that Campo was born. The online retailer of retro football shirts developed their own range of jerseys by taking inspiration from the classic team colours of yesteryear and ‘reinventing’ them into 100% luxury cotton shirts for a new generation. Slicker, smarter, smoother. From initial concept we’ve been with Campo, building their brand position and social media profiles from scratch – you can find out more about our relationship in our Campo Lookbooks – but today we’re here to discuss their new site.

“You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

Yes, Michael, we were. But we wanted to blow the bloody doors off, change the bleedin’ tyres and strip out the flamin’ seats to give you something far more fluid, much more marvellous and lots more lovely. This is MKII. As you can see from the photos we implemented our fashion photography, bringing to the forefront the new Campo Collections, and the Campo social media channels were also given home page prominence, showcasing our social teams’ outstanding work in building a strong online community. The team pages were given an overhaul and we even tinkered with the name of the blog as it became the BackPage.

Just like Campo, it’s all in the detail.

Imogen Gee

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