Why Catalogue Production Should be your Priority

It’s hard to find a more effective sales tool than a well-produced catalogue. Retailers are realising the power they still hold, and are turning to generate sales off the page in addition to their digital efforts.

Get it wrong, and you’ve wasted time, money and effort. Get it right and the benefits can be immense. It’s all in the catalogue production process.

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty passionate about catalogue. Whether it’s designing, producing, or even flicking through one ourselves, we love them! We’ve produced many catalogues for top brands, just like these…

Claire’s Accessories

We’ve collaborated with Claire’s for many years, and were excited to create their 2015 Christmas brochure for the North American and European markets. With 280 pages in total, we ensured the tone of voice and imagery were both in-line with their fun brand image; and appealed to their customers.

Jon Richard

We worked on the catalogue production for the 2016 Jon Richard Bridal and Occasionwear Jewellery brochure. Everything from creative concepts to shoot production and artwork was conducted by us. We ensured the catalogue was of excellent quality and design, and the perfect keepsake for all brides-to-be.

Simon Jersey

One project we really enjoyed working on was the Simon Jersey 2015 Beauty Book. We got to unleash our creative talents as we redesigned the catalogue, and changed the photography style. We also included more editorial features such as the Simon Says trend and styling advice. It takes organisation to successfully produce a catalogue, but we love it. What can we say, it’s in our blood!

Catalogue production takes hard work and dedication. It can be a daunting process when you don’t know where to begin. And that’s after the design process too! That’s where we come in. Our passion for catalogue production means we can create the perfect catalogue for you – one that will inspire your customers. If you’d like to find out exactly how we can help you, just drop us a line at hello@photolink.co.uk, and we’ll be in touch.

Imogen Gee

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