Climescape launches into the digital landscape

It might not be the rainiest place in England, but evergreen Ardwick Green in Manchester, where we call home, is not a million miles away. Owing to this unique geographical positioning, we’re therefore not only well accustomed to a constant threat of rain, we’re pretty well prepared when it gets physical.

So you could say we were ‘in the zone’ when Canadian apparel manufacturer Six Tiger asked us to develop an entirely new brand identity for their latest product, a water-repellent fleece. We know what you’re thinking. We thought the same. Knowing full well what keeps out Lancashire rain and what doesn’t, we were a little skeptical of its capabilities.

After trying on a few and throwing water over ourselves in the car park, however, it was clear we had a winning water-repellent product on our hands. Albeit without a name, without a logo, without a website, without a story – in short, without a brand. So over the following weeks we methodically filled in the blanks.

Our research of the outdoor clothing market turned into a name, a name turned into a logo, our imagery, video and words brought the product to life, and the website that went live today brings it nicely together. Ladies and gentleman, we give you Climescape!

Imogen Gee

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