Creative Content Will Increase Sales. Fact.

Creating average content will get you average results online. Don’t you want to stay ahead of the competition? In that case, your content must be engaging and interesting for customers to consume. However, more brands have realised this, meaning it’s no longer enough. Instead, you must produce creative content. You need to deliver interesting content in a creative way. Shun the large chunks of text you may have spewed out in the past, and embrace variety.

According to scientists, thanks to the smartphone, the average human’s attention span is a mere eight seconds. It’s official: goldfish can concentrate for longer than we do. If there was ever an argument for producing creative content, this is it. Fail to engage your target market and you’ve lost out on thousands of potential sales.

Google updates has turned creative content into a vicious circle. In the past, to rank highly on Google, all that was needed was numerous keyword mentions. Marketers would create articles in accordance, all of which were extremely dull to read. Google cottoned on to this and now, to rank highly on the search engine, content must score well in originality and popularity. That’s right: in order for more people to see it, your content must already have been seen by lots of people, who enjoyed consuming it. Make sense? The other aspect is a no-brainer. Originality means no plagiarism. Allow other content to inspire you, but do NOT copy it.

Ready to produce your own creative content? Take a look at these examples to get you started.


Show your product offerings in an innovative way. Beautiful imagery, seamless design and inspiring copy will have your customers unable to look away. Whether you create a physical lookbook or a digital one, they’re a great piece of content marketing for customers to consume. Econsultancy research has shown 56% of respondents had referred to a catalogue at least once a year before making a purchase. Inspire potential customers to buy into your brand with a creative lookbook.

How-to Tutorials

This enables you to show off your products or services without openly promoting your brand. Whether it’s a written step-by-step guide or video, it engages customers, and provides a larger opportunity for them to try your offerings once they have seen the benefits.


It’s predicted that 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be for video by 2019. Whether a how-to tutorial, 360 degree product review (perfect for customers to inspect your offerings from all angles), customer testimonials or behind-the-scenes footage, this is creative content that really engages customers. Interesting videos result in a 97% increase in purchase content, and 139% increase in brand association. Videos work particularly well on social, and allow customers to get a better feeling for the people and personalities behind the brand. Find out more about adding video to your marketing strategy here.


If you’ve conducted some research and want to promote the data in an interesting way, then this is the perfect solution. Replace the chunks of text with icons, bold text and brand colours. What could be seen as dry statistics, is now something that consumers can easily view. Stick it in a blog post and include more information if anyone wants to read further into your findings. However, the infographic will mean more people will see the research you’ve conducted, and they can act further on it if they choose to.

Where does the timeless, good old-fashioned written content come into this? Sometimes you just want to write an article. There’s nothing wrong with that: interspersed amongst the creative techniques above, the variety will intrigue the customer as to the type of content you’re going to provide next.

With all types of content marketing, you need to have an excellent understanding of your customer. This will ensure you can get the right tone of voice, design, and general feeling for all content. It will also determine the proportion of each aspect of creative content that you release.

It’s a lot to remember, but get it right, and you’ll have an army of brand advocates who just won’t be able to stop themselves from sharing your work with others. It also means Google will rank you higher, more people will click through to your site from social media, and more customers will buy into your brand. That’s all because of the creative content you’ll have produced.

Do you want help with content production? We’re passionate about all things creative, and regularly help a range of the UK’s leading brands. We’d love to help you too. Simply drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch.

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